The biggest challenge was that we weren't allowed to use actor likenesses,  which meant focusing more on the car.
This was my attempt to create the ultimate BTTF image. It's got the car, the flame trail, the Flux Capacitor, the odometer, and the clock tower. 
Lightning is hitting the clock in '55, sending him back to '85, while the odometer reads 88MPH and the clock reads the time when lightning struck.
This one was my favorite, but everyone else felt it was too complicated.
Another way to get around likenesses was to show characters from behind.
When I wear this shirt, I get people asking who the band is. The name of Marty's band is one of those things that didn't stick with viewers. Fewer people realize this is a logo parody of Huey Lewis And The News.
This design was inspired by the "dancing" strip from Calvin & Hobbes. But it was designed on white, and no one wears white shirts.
Another way to get around likenesses was to put people in silhouette.
This one probably would've worked better without Doc in silhouette.
I thought everyone would immediately recognize this as a Maxell parody, but I guess I'm the only one still obsessed with that old ad.
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