Kate Willaert decided at age 12 that she was going to be a comic book artist, album cover designer, and world famous rock star. Because if you're not going to dream big, why dream at all?
Instead, Kate became a UI designer for a major online retailer, and a respected pop culture historian. Her heavily-researched superhero and gaming infographics (and random mash-ups) have appeared on AV Club, Buzzfeed, Complex, CNET, Design Taxi, FandangoFast Company, Geek Tyrant, Kotaku, Mashable, Nerdist, The Mary Sue, TIME.com, and more...
When she isn't working on designs or one her of many side-projects (see below), Kate can likely be found reading comics, playing video games, or writing about herself in the third person.

FAVORITE MOVIES:  Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii,  The Good The Bad & The Ugly,  2001: A Space Odyssey
FAVORITE COMICS:  X-Men,  Akira,  Calvin & Hobbes
FAVORITE GAMES:  Super Metroid,  Goldeneye 007,  Mario Kart 8

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