Kate Willaert originally planned to become a professional comic book artist, but somehow ended up a respected video game historian instead.
During this career detour, she somehow also found herself becoming a UI/UX designer for a major online retailer, where she was also given the opportunity to create heavily-researched superhero and gaming infographics that appeared on AV Club, Buzzfeed, Complex, CNET, Design Taxi, FandangoFast Company, Geek Tyrant, Kotaku, Mashable, Nerdist, The Mary Sue, TIME.com, and more.
Who knows where the future will take her next.

FAVORITE MOVIES:  Citizen Kane, The Good The Bad & The Ugly,  Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii
FAVORITE COMICS:  Calvin & Hobbes, X-Men,  Akira
FAVORITE GAMES:  Super Metroid,  Goldeneye 007,  Mario Kart
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